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A History of Film Fisticuffs

Human beings love to watch each other fight. From boxing, to mixed martial arts, to Worldstar Hip Hop videos online, we love a good scrap. There is something honest about two people vying for supremacy with their flesh and blood.... Continue Reading →

A Half-Year Out

So for New Year's I decided to make a resolution to blog once a week for the next year, and so far it's been incredibly rewarding.  I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read what I've written, and... Continue Reading →

Why We’re Afraid to Be Guard Pullers

There is a maxim that swept the combat sports and self defense worlds in the last two decades, “Most fights end up on the ground.” Brazilian Jiu-jitsu takes this idea to heart, largely focusing on submitting your opponent with a... Continue Reading →

The Micro-History

One of my personal ambitions in life, more of a dream really, is to write a micro-history. This is a unique form of historical monograph that addresses the life of one individual or of one event, and uses it to... Continue Reading →

The Adventure Zone: The Wonder of Wackiness

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time to write today, so I thought I would do something brief but close to my heart and give you a recommendation. I was recently replaying an old video game that I loved... Continue Reading →

The Angevin Empire: A Family Drama

Regardless of what you think about the current state of politics in the United States, I at least take comfort in the fact that Jim Comey’s reference to Thomas Becket has made my degree in Medieval History relevant. It has... Continue Reading →

The Stoic Superhero

Somewhere along the way in the last thousand years, stoic philosophy has gotten something of a bad rap. To be called “stoic,” is something of a mixed bag, implying that you are calm and composed but also unfeeling, cold, and... Continue Reading →

Listening to “Nothing,” Benedick and Beatrice

William Shakespeare was, if anything, probably the greatest adapter of other works who has ever lived. Very few of Shakespeare’s plays are original plots, and his most famous pieces are all either retellings of other stories or dramatizations of history.... Continue Reading →

In Praise of the Bowtie

Recently Guy Ritchie, one of my favorite directors, went onto the podcast the Joe Rogan Experience to publicize his new film.  During their discussion of film-making, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and their shared affection for custom knives, Rogan started ribbing his guest... Continue Reading →

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