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Ringside Reactions from Fight to Win Pro 44

Tension fills the arena as a series of swirling spotlights strobe dully in the background. All eyes turn towards the ramp, where a man steps up confidently in a blue gi. As he steps up the walkway the lighting shifts... Continue Reading →

Three Mother******s

You wouldn’t think that you would find a piece of genuine truth on a show on Comedy Central called This is Not Happening. Created by comedian Ari Shaffir, it features different comedians telling real stories about their lives at a... Continue Reading →

Berserk & the Oldboy Effect

I had a plan for a blog post that I was going to write called “Of Woodcuts and Weeaboos,” talking about two of my favorite artists and a new comic book I was reading called Berserk. The artists, Gustave Doré... Continue Reading →

A History of Film Fisticuffs

Human beings love to watch each other fight. From boxing, to mixed martial arts, to Worldstar Hip Hop videos online, we love a good scrap. There is something honest about two people vying for supremacy with their flesh and blood.... Continue Reading →

A Half-Year Out

So for New Year's I decided to make a resolution to blog once a week for the next year, and so far it's been incredibly rewarding.  I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read what I've written, and... Continue Reading →

Why We’re Afraid to Be Guard Pullers

There is a maxim that swept the combat sports and self defense worlds in the last two decades, “Most fights end up on the ground.” Brazilian Jiu-jitsu takes this idea to heart, largely focusing on submitting your opponent with a... Continue Reading →

The Micro-History

One of my personal ambitions in life, more of a dream really, is to write a micro-history. This is a unique form of historical monograph that addresses the life of one individual or of one event, and uses it to... Continue Reading →

The Adventure Zone: The Wonder of Wackiness

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time to write today, so I thought I would do something brief but close to my heart and give you a recommendation. I was recently replaying an old video game that I loved... Continue Reading →

The Angevin Empire: A Family Drama

Regardless of what you think about the current state of politics in the United States, I at least take comfort in the fact that Jim Comey’s reference to Thomas Becket has made my degree in Medieval History relevant. It has... Continue Reading →

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