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Shotokan Karate: A Love Story

It’s hard to say what exactly inspired me to get into martial arts. I could tell you that it was because I had always felt scrawny and had low self-esteem. Maybe it was just because I had seen a few... Continue Reading →

How I Would Remake the Lion King

Last week, trying to find something to satisfy my one-movie-a-week rule, I resolved to finally watch the remake of the Jungle Book that John Favreau directed. I have been a huge fan of Favreau ever since he was totally not... Continue Reading →

The Video Essay: How I Fell in Love with YouTube

My friend Eric is what you might call a YouTube connoisseur. His playlists of videos are carefully crafted to fit his unique style of humor and individual tastes. The man has a refined palate for videos, and he selects each subscription... Continue Reading →

The Action Star: Achilles v. Odysseus

The final books of Homer’s Iliad are a bloodbath. Our hero Achilles, having lost his friend Patrocles, is thrown into a rage that consumes him. He dons new armor given to him by the gods themselves and wades into the... Continue Reading →

Weirdness, Gonzo the Great, and the Virtue of Tire-Eating

When you’re a freshman in high school, the seniors and upper classmen seem like gods. They have experience and understanding, they are confident and self-assured. They have college aspirations, jobs, and sex. To my shy, painfully awkward fifteen year old... Continue Reading →

Desiderata: A Poem for Dark Times

Desiderata: A Poem for Dark Times I am not what one would call a poetry expert. I have read a bit of poetry here and there, and even dabbled in it as an emotionally tortured teenage. But for some reason... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Obsessed With HEMA (From a Distance)

I want to preface this post with a disclaimer: I have never done HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts). Despite having had a passive interest in it for some time, I have never actively pursued taking it up as a hobby.... Continue Reading →

Dante and the Search for Understanding

Three weeks ago, on a busy train speeding its way to Cambridge, Massachusetts, I finished the last book of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. Wedged in between passengers with my backpack resting between my feet, I feverishly sped through the final... Continue Reading →

On History

“Why history?” There are certain college majors that always invite questions. If you say that you plan to major in Mechanical Engineering, people tend to understand why. It’s a fine profession with good pay and good hope for a future.... Continue Reading →

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