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In Praise of the New KnightSquire

Apparently my blogging renaissance is going to involve a lot of praising people on the internet.  Last week I covered the McElroy Brothers, and this week I turn my laudatory eye to a YouTuber whom I’ve admired for some time.... Continue Reading →

Poems to Live By

There's something strange about quotations and motivational sayings.  They are typically just a brief snapshot into some more complex work or topic, yet they transfix us somehow.  I saw a great post a while back that was a picturesque image... Continue Reading →

Desiderata: A Poem for Dark Times

Desiderata: A Poem for Dark Times I am not what one would call a poetry expert. I have read a bit of poetry here and there, and even dabbled in it as an emotionally tortured teenage. But for some reason... Continue Reading →

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