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The Armored Saint: Writing with Empathy

I have never finished a book and been angry that the author had not yet written the sequel, until I read Myke Cole’s The Armored Saint.  Doing a quick calculation, I realized that I would have to lend this book... Continue Reading →

In Praise of the New KnightSquire

Apparently my blogging renaissance is going to involve a lot of praising people on the internet.  Last week I covered the McElroy Brothers, and this week I turn my laudatory eye to a YouTuber whom I’ve admired for some time.... Continue Reading →

The McElroy Brothers: Making the World a Better Place, One Goof at a Time

In 2018 America, I open my Twitter feed with a mix of dread and anticipation.  What marginalized community is now under fire? What beloved pop culture icon has been revealed to be some kind of abuser or deviant?  What ALL... Continue Reading →

How I Would Make a Legend of Zelda Movie

Recently I had the pleasure to watch the excellent movie critic Movie Bob pitch his idea for a feature-length, live action Super Mario Bros. movie. I was inspired by this ambitious attempt, as well as the long blog post he... Continue Reading →

Why I Think Taylor Swift is Starting a Snake Cult

Okay, just stay with me on this one. Before we dive into this, I have a confession to make: I thoroughly enjoy Taylor Swift. I will admit that it was a long journey to acceptance, and that I once sneered... Continue Reading →

Ringside Reactions from Fight to Win Pro 44

Tension fills the arena as a series of swirling spotlights strobe dully in the background. All eyes turn towards the ramp, where a man steps up confidently in a blue gi. As he steps up the walkway the lighting shifts... Continue Reading →

Three Mother******s

You wouldn’t think that you would find a piece of genuine truth on a show on Comedy Central called This is Not Happening. Created by comedian Ari Shaffir, it features different comedians telling real stories about their lives at a... Continue Reading →

Berserk & the Oldboy Effect

I had a plan for a blog post that I was going to write called “Of Woodcuts and Weeaboos,” talking about two of my favorite artists and a new comic book I was reading called Berserk. The artists, Gustave Doré... Continue Reading →

A History of Film Fisticuffs

Human beings love to watch each other fight. From boxing, to mixed martial arts, to Worldstar Hip Hop videos online, we love a good scrap. There is something honest about two people vying for supremacy with their flesh and blood.... Continue Reading →

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